10 Ways to Cut Down Your Car Insurance Costs in Connecticut

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10 Ways to Cut Down Your Car Insurance Costs in Connecticut

See how we're different

One of the best ways to keep your auto insurance costs down is to have a good driving record.

As you probably already know, Connecticut ranks as one of the highest auto insurance premiums in the country. Go us! We’re sitting at the 13th spot in a study conducted by Insure.com on the most expensive states for auto insurance in 2020. According to the study, the state has an average yearly premium of $1,688.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce these costs. In this article we’ll cover 11 actionable ways to help you reduce your auto insurance premiums in Connecticut.

1. Have a Clean Driving Record


It goes without saying that a clean driving record will give you a better insurance plan. With DUI’s, car accidents and other traffic violations on your record, you get higher points. The higher the points, the more risk there is for the insurance policy provider. This means that you will have to pay more on an annual or a monthly basis. With higher premiums, you won’t have a lot of options and your bad car credits will not give you a lot of legroom here.

However, this doesn’t mean that new drivers, with a brand new track record, are good candidates.

New drivers are considered high risk and might also face difficulties with their clean track records. The good news here is that insurance plans for experienced drivers with a clean driving record are more likely to be favorable. They can have lower premiums and offer coverage benefits.


2. Taking an Approved Course


If you’re finding it difficult to get lower premiums on your car insurance plan, take a look at their list of the approved car driving courses and programs. Drivers with higher points can also lower their point by taking accident prevention courses or other driving programs that are approved by their insurance provider. In most cases, you can also get a discount on your insurance plan premium.

Before you start taking the course, always make sure that your insurance plan provider is aware of this fact. This is necessary to make sure that your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Always make sure that you are being properly accredited for taking a course. However, be aware that not all insurance plan providers offer this incentive. Again, you will have to take your time to find the right options.


3. Shop for the Best Options


Always take the time to shop for the best car insurance policy with the lowest premiums that can match your budget. Don’t just limit this to new policies. If your current policy needs to be renewed and your annual premiums have increased, you should get quotes from other insurance companies. There can be plenty of affordable options for car insurance. On the other hand, be careful not to get too focused on low premiums only. We also strongly encourage using an independent insurance agent 😉



Lower cost doesn’t always translate into a better coverage plan. Some low premium plans are missing key benefits that your current, high premium car insurance plan is offering. Also be careful to check the creditworthiness or the financial health of the insurance company you are planning to work with. Both these factors make a huge impact when you need the company to pay up. Make sure that the new contract you get offers you maximum coverage, lower premiums and comes from a financially sound company. It might seem like a challenge but it is possible to find such a car insurance plan.


4. Take Your Car Usage into Account


Many car insurance plans focus on the overall usage that the car gets. This means that the mileage of your car will make a marked difference here. Usually, car insurance providers have a limit to the number of miles they offer coverage for. If your usage is less than the limit, you can get a considerable discount on the insurance plan. To do this, it is a good idea to limit the usage of your car as much as possible.

If your work commute means that you need to drive your car for three hours per day, your usage will be exceptionally high. This means that the premium on your car insurance policy will also be very high. In contrast, if your work commute means that you are using up an average of 1 mile per day, you will have a lower premium on your insurance plan. One way that you can bring your usage down is by focusing on making use of public transit. However, find out how low the mileage must be to qualify for lower premiums. Different companies can have different requirements so be sure to ask about different options.


5. Pick a Sensible Car


When you’re getting a car on an insurance plan, it is always a good idea to pay attention to the make and type of car. Some cars can actually increase your premium price, even if you already have an insurance plan in place. Sports cars and other flashy cars can have very expensive insurance plans and premiums because they are high risk. These cars are more likely to be stolen, have an accident, be vandalized and more. Even an SUV can be expensive, particularly if you’re picking a top-of-the-line option.

On the other hand, picking a sensible car, with a smaller engine, less petrol consumption and better output can end up giving you a discount. In fact, some car insurance companies offer discounts for hybrid cars or vehicles that run on alternative fuel sources. Even if you’re not getting a hybrid car, do a comparison of car insurance plans based on the model and make of the cars. Your heart might be set on a flashy car but it is always a good idea to be sensible about it.


6. Your Profession Could be a Barrier


In some cases, the profession you have can make a difference in the premium and coverage that your car insurance plans offer. Professions that are considered high risk can range but they usually involve jobs like delivery services where the person has to make use of their own car. However, not all professions are considered high risk.
The silver lining here is that not all car insurance plans focus on this aspect either, so you can have a little bit of leg room. Additionally, if you do have to make use of your private vehicle for business purposes, make sure that your employer is offering you coverage for your car. Business car insurance plans can be different from personal car insurance plans. Since they provide coverage to so many other cars, their premiums can also more affordable.


7. Improve Your Credit Score


If you’re not having any luck with finding affordable premiums for your car insurance plans, it might be a good time to improve your credit score. Many insurance companies make use of the credit score rating of a person for car insurance plans as well. While the driving points they have does make a difference, this isn’t always the case. You will need to make sure that you’ve got a healthy credit score as well. You should aim for a CBI score of 760 and above, as anything below 600 is considered a poor CBI score as reported by the Insurance Information Institute.



This can be done by handling credit card debts, being regular in your repayments and getting rid of any bad debts. It is a good idea to do this in advance. This ensures that when you start shopping around for car insurance policy plans, you are able to find the perfect premiums. Moreover, it does take time to improve your credit score so you should be patient and focus on this area first. Additionally, if your score has improved over the years, make sure to get your car insurance plan and premiums revised according to it.


8. Including Additional Drivers


Most parents take the responsibility of adding their teens to their car insurance plans. However, be very careful about this. While plans can offer coverage to other named drivers, having a young, inexperienced driver will increase the premiums you have to pay per month and year too. The younger the person is, the higher the risk and the insurance premiums will be.

If they don’t drive or use the car much, it’s a better idea to keep them on your plan for temporary coverage instead of permanent. Luckily, if you’re thinking of adding your spouse or a significant other on the plan, you will have a better chance of reducing the premiums. This only happens if they experienced and have a good driving record. If they’re experienced and have a bad driving record, your premium will skyrocket again.


9. Adding Anti-Theft Devices to Your Car


All cars have one major risk – they can be stolen. This is a risk that is universal and while the car’s make and model does impact it, a little bit, you can minimize your risk with one simple step. All you have to do is invest in anti-theft devices that increase the security of your car. GPS trackers are also very useful to keep an eye on the whereabouts of your car at all times. Even when stolen, GPS devices have proven to be invaluable in helping car owners recover their car.
Additionally, people who have these anti-theft devices and other measures in place can actually have a better impact on your premium plans as well. However, before you install any plan, make sure that your insurance company approves of the kind of devices you are making use. Also, consider the cost of the anti-theft device and installation. If it is coming to be greater than the premium or discount you were hoping for, it might not be a feasible investment to get the anti-theft device installed.


10. The Savings in Your Locality


The locality such as the street, area and state that you live in can make a significant impact on the car insurance premium of your plan. Certain localities can have insurance that is very affordable and lower whereas areas like New York and Los Angeles can have expensive insurance plans. The risk that a car face is in these localities is also higher so it makes sense that the premium will be high.

However, it is not always possible for one to move to another state just to get a better premium on their plan. This is only feasible if you are moving. However, in the current location, you can bring down premiums by paying attention to your driving and parking habits. Car policy providers are usually happier when car owners are using garages for their cars. Parking in the street and leaving the car a block or so away increases the risk which again, increases the premiums that you have to pay.

By paying attention to these 11 tips, you can easily cut down your car insurance costs. Based on your credit score and active measures, you can bring down your premiums to a more affordable rate.

We find you the best and most affordable insurance. See how we're different.

We find you the best and most affordable insurance. See how we're different.

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