8 Auto Insurance Discounts Worth Asking About in Connecticut

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8 Auto Insurance Discounts Worth Asking About in Connecticut

See how we're different

Auto insurance discounts are available about 32.6% of the time to Connecticut residents, one of the most out of any state in the US!

Car insurance can be expensive, especially if you live in Connecticut. Did you know that Connecticut has the 12th most expensive auto insurance in the nation? The average Connecticut resident spends $1694 per year on car insurance, which is almost $800 more than the average American. However, there are unique and effective ways in which you can save the money that you spend on your auto insurance.

One substantial way you can save more money on car insurance is through discounts. There are 3 primary types of insurance discounts: driver, vehicle and policy discounts.


Driver discounts are based on driving history, student status, professional organizations, age, and how and when drivers use their cars. Some examples of driver discounts are based on academic success, auto clubs, and low-risk occupations.

Vehicle discounts are the insurance companies way of rewarding you for having features that reduce their risk by offering you a break in your premium. These features can include hybrid vehicles, safety equipment, and anti-theft protection devices.

Policy discounts include multiple vehicles, pull payment and bundling. These factors typically make the writing process easier, giving insurance companies more incentive to offer you a discount. So be sure to ask your agent about these types to help you save more on car insurance in Connecticut.


Now that you know the 3 primary types of insurance, let’s get into which discounts could save you the most on your policy.

8 Auto Insurance Discounts


1.  Education (Up to 16% discount)

If you are pursuing a college degree or higher, you are eligible for some benefit on your car insurance premiums. To be eligible for this discount, most insurance companies require you maintain a 2.8+ GPA.


2. Annual Mileage (Up to 12.5% discount)

Most companies offer discounts to car owners who drive only small distance every day, and the yearly total is below 13,500 miles.


3. Homeowners Bundle (Up to 12% discount)

If you bundle your homeowners and auto insurance you could save big! The reason for this is that homeowners are expected to be more responsible and mature, thus drive cautiously and take care of their cars.


4. Use of Car (Up to 10% discount)

Though uncommon in Connecticut, if you use your primarily vehicle for farming or agricultural reason, as opposed to business or pleasure you may be eligible for a substantial discount. This counts for some who drives his or her truck around the farm and not on main roads.


5. Paying Bill Upfront (Up to 9% discount)

Paying for your premiums upfront via electronic fund transfer is the easiest way for anyone to save a lot of money on their policy. This discount is offered so that insurers get the guarantee of full payment on time from the insurance owners.


6. Early Renewal (Up to 8% discount)

Roughly 24% of insurance companies offer a discount to members who renew their policy in advance, typically 7-10 days ahead of schedule.


7. Taking a Driver Course (Up to 7% discount)

If you complete a defensive driving course voluntarily, you may not only be eligible for a discount, but you will develop safer driving skills which are crucial to avoiding traffic accidents and violations in the future. Defensive driving courses may also be an option if you want to dismiss a traffic ticket. Discounts are also offered to young drivers who complete driver’s education programs.


8. Customer Loyalty (Up to 7% discount)

Most, if not all insurance companies reward their customers for staying with them for a year, 36 months and/or 60 months. Insurance companies value returning and long term customers and if you are one amongst those who have been using a particular brand for your car insurance, then you can be sure to get some loyalty discount from the insurer.


These are just a few discounts you may be eligible for if you are insured in Connecticut. To see if you are eligible for any of these discounts or you are interested in learning more about other discounts call us at (203) 481-8898 to speak with a car insurance licensed professional.

We find you the best and most affordable insurance. See how we're different.

We find you the best and most affordable insurance. See how we're different.

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