The Benefits of Obtaining Travel Insurance

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The Benefits of Obtaining Travel Insurance

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So what exactly does travel insurance cover?

We’ll give you the short answer: Cancellations, loss or delays, evacuations, and medical expenses.

Okay so now for the official definition. Travel insurance is an insurance coverage item created to cover the expenses and also losses, as well as lower the risk connected with, unforeseen events you may incur while traveling.


Quick Overview: Trip Cancellation Insurance


  • In the event you cancel your vacation, your insurance company will repay you the prepaid non-refundable amount of the vacation.
  • In the event you return prematurely from your vacation due to the reasons stated by your insurance company in which you can claim your insurance, your insurance company will repay you the amount used to arrange a flight back home.
  • In the event you fall sick or become injured during vacation, your insurance company will pay for transport used to take you to a hospital nearest to your location and any other related expenses.
  • In the event you pass away on vacation at another destination other than your home country, your insurance company will pay to transport your remains to your home country.
  • In the event you lose your checked luggage, your insurance company will repay you for the items you lost, but up to a certain limit.
  • In the event you accidentally pass away on vacation or lose anyone of your limbs in an accident, your insurance company will pay in both cases.




In addition to these benefits you receive from obtaining travel cancellation insurance, you may also receive other benefits such as assistance services, delay in the traveling, emergency cash transfer, ID theft protection, rental car coverage, concierge services, accident midflight, etc.

You will have to ask your insurance company more about this, as all of them offer different additional benefits with their travel insurance package. If you require a certain, which is not included, you can ask them if there is an option to add an additional benefit at a cost.


Different Circumstances Travel Insurance Covers


Here is a list of circumstances you can encounter before or during traveling:


You Miss Your Connecting Flight

    • You accidentally missed boarding your connecting flight for some reason
    • Your insurance company will help you arrange travel on another flight and refund you for the changes you had to make


You Cancel Your Trip

    • A death in your immediate family
    • You or someone close to you falls ill
    • You are unable to get days off work or unexpected work comes up the week you need to travel
    • You experience a natural disaster such as flood that wrecks your house
    • Your insurance company will repay you for certain expenses


Your Flight Gets Canceled

    • Your flight becomes canceled due to inclement weather such as hurricane, snowstorm, wind, and more
    • Your insurance company will assist you in booking another flight to get home, refunding the costs of buying a new ticket and paying for the costs of staying at a hotel


You Develop an Illnesses that Requires Emergency Medical Assistance

    • You or one of your family members on the trip develop a grave illness at a hard to reach destination such as the mountains, which requires immediate medical care
    • Your insurance company will pay for emergency transportation such as a helicopter needed to transport you to a hospital


You Become Sick or Injured

    • You develop a serious illness or injure yourself on your vacation for which you need to visit the doctor in the foreign country
    • Your insurance company will pay for your medical expenses


Your Destination Becomes a No Entry Zone after a Natural Disaster Wrecks It

    • A hurricane, tornado, or some other natural disaster causes a great deal of damage to your destination, which causes all flights due to depart for there to become canceled
    • Your insurance company will pay you back the prepaid costs of the vacation


You Lose Your Passport

    • You lose your passport at a hotel, restaurant, or some other place
    • Your insurance company will help you replace your passport at a faster rate so you can quickly return home


Your Baggage Becomes Lost or Delayed

    • Your baggage becomes delayed or lost, resulting in you having to buy new attire and shoes
    • Your insurance company will reimburse you for the shopping you did, but up to a certain limit so be sure not to cross it
    • In some cases, your insurance company may also pay for the suitcase that you will need to buy to keep your new things in if your original suitcase is not recovered


You Require Emergency Transport Assistance

    • You are traveling to a country, but technical difficulties with your transportation cause a delay
    • Your insurance company will provide you with alternate transportation to reach your destination by first locating you and then paying for your expenses


Your Travel Company Goes Bankrupt

    • Before you are due to leave for your vacation, the travel company you booked your trip through files for bankruptcy
    • Your insurance company will repay you the amount you lost and help you reschedule your vacation


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We find you the best and most affordable insurance. See how we're different.

We find you the best and most affordable insurance. See how we're different.

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