Check Out These 10 Unbelievable Events That Your Homeowners Insurance May Cover

See how we're different

Check Out These 10 Unbelievable Events That Your Homeowners Insurance May Cover

See how we're different

One of the best things about buying homeowners insurance is that you have a safety net, which you can fall back on.

Let’s assume that you are on vacation with your family. While you are away, your house is burgled and not even your neighbors are alerted of the incident. When you return home, you find that some of your valuables that were in plain sight are missing. The house has been ransacked, trashed and there are even holes in the wall. The first thing you do is call the police and then your insurance agent to report about the incident. Thankfully, you had modified your policy so not only vandalism is covered under it but also your personal property.

In one of our previous blogs, “Homeowners Insurance Types for Condos, Standalone Homes and Rented Apartments”, we covered the different types of insurances and the perils underneath them you are provided protection from. Here are some of the basic perils that you can get coverage for, under homeowners insurance:

  • Lightning
  • Fire or smoke
  • Windstorm or hail
  • Explosion
  • Damage caused by car and aircraft
  • Smoke
  • Malicious mischief or vandalism
  • Theft


Homeowners Insurance Coverage Components


Coverage A – Provides dwelling protection (loss of income)

Coverage B – Provides protection for other structures (a shed, detached garage or a swimming pool)

Coverage C – Provides protection for personal property (your belongings such as furniture, entertainment system, clothing, etc)

Coverage D – Provides additional living expenses (when you have to move out of the house due to the damage caused)

Coverage E – Provides personal liability protection (when someone standing on your property is injured)

These components help you decided which coverage you should include in your policy. Now that you know about the basic perils covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy and the coverage components, you will be easily able to get a policy according to your needs.

But wait a minute… before you pick your coverage, why don’t you have a look at the following 10 unbelievable events that are included in homeowners insurance. Trust us when we say this that knowing about them will give you a whole perspective on insurance protection. Moreover, once you know that these unforeseen events are covered under homeowners insurance, you will be able to pick the right coverage and modify it to suit your needs:




You have been visiting the grave of one of your family members for a year now. One morning when you arrive at the graveyard, you find the headstone broken and partially tipped over. Livid, you ask the groundkeeper if he saw anything but he has no idea.

As the primary caretaker, you were already under a lot of pressure and now you don’t even have the money to get this fixed. Well, why don’t you can your insurance agent? The cost of repair or replacement is covered under homeowners insurance, and you don’t have to pay anything out of your pocket.


Blue Ice


You probably don’t know what blue ice is, right. Well, once you learn about it, you might want to forget that such a thing even exists. The term blue ice is given to the frozen chunks of toilet waste that fall from an airplane.

Yes, you heard it right… frozen poo! These are really hard chunks like rock and can cause some serious damage. So, if your roof gets damaged by these then you can file a claim.


Rotten Eggs


Really… rotten eggs? Let’s assume that the 9:00 P.M weather forecast talks about a storm that is about to hit your town. While the storm does not cause any damage to the house but strong winds knock out the power lines, which results in a power outage.

During this time, the food in your house gets spoiled and most of it becomes unusable. The homeowner’s insurance policy provides $500 worth of coverage for such an event.


Volcano Eruptions


If you live in a city that is in close proximity to volcanoes, then your fear is justified. Disasters like earthquakes can cause volcanic eruptions, which quickly spreads all over the city. The good news is that volcanic eruptions are covered under basic perils, so you don’t have to worry about being homeless even if your house is consumed by lava.


Digested Diamonds


Do you have a pet dog or cat at your house? Then you know the struggle is real when they slobber over everything and eat anything they come across. Let’s assume that your dog accidentally ate your jewelry. If the insurance agency tries to claim the dog, in order to retrieve the jewelry themselves, you have the right to deny.

You can file for a personal property claim and get paid for your jewelry. Such a case presents you with a real dilemma that whether you should purchase pet insurance or not.


Wedding Day Disaster


Have you made arrangements for your wedding day in your backyard? Better have a look at the weather forecast, to make sure that everything will be sunny on your big day. If bad luck does strike and it rains or a big storm hits on your wedding day, then you can call your insurance agency to pick up the cost of moving your big day even to another day and location.


Death in Home


Murder, suicide or accidental death… these three events can be very traumatizing for the family. If anyone of them happens in your home, report about it to your insurance agent immediately. While you will be busy making funeral arrangements, the insurance agency will take matters in its own hands to send a clean-up crew at your house to deal with the mess.




Defense comes under umbrella coverage, which provides you protection beyond your homeowner’s insurance policy limit. If you are sued and the case goes to trial, you can ask your insurance agency to cover the cost of the liability.




While this coverage is seldom claimed, you should at least know about it. If your house is in danger of being run over by a herd of wildebeests, then you can claim homeowners insurance for the damage.


Civil Commotion


The Patriots just won the Super Bowl and the ensuing party took to the streets and there was a huge commotion. Pray that a fight does not break out between the losing team or you might be looking at a civil commotion. However, any damage caused to your house during this commotion will be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.


Unbelievable, right? Especially the coverage for food! We bet you had no idea that such incidents were covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. If you feel the need to talk to a qualified insurance agent, then visit Pawson. The company provides different types of insurance policies and helps people assess their needs and wants, based on their lifestyles. To know more about their policies, contact them at 203-481-8898.

We find you the best and most affordable insurance. See how we're different.

We find you the best and most affordable insurance. See how we're different.

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