Sometimes you just need to get a few things clean fast. Designed to wash a daily 2kg load of lightly soiled clothes, the Drumi takes just 5 minutes to finish one load! 

The Drumi mixes old-school hand-washing with a modern-day eco-consciousness. Putting your foot to work and pumping water and detergent around a bowl filled with a small batch of clothes. Made to handle clothes on-demand, the idea isn’t to replace bigger machines but to rely on them a lot less. By reducing the amount of water and energy needed, plus the volume of clothes you wash per cycle, the Drumi is also supposed to be a time-saver, churning out batches in 10 minutes.

The Drumi works pretty simply. Put in about five pounds of laundry, or about five or six items like t-shirts or undies. Add some water, five liters worth, and some detergent, close it up, and start working that foot pedal. As your foot pumps, the mesh ball inside the Drumi spins, working the soap through the clothes. Drain it, add another five liters, rinse off your clothes, and then hang them up to dry out.

Using the Drumi can lower a person’s carbon footprint by up to 10 pounds per week. Add in line-drying instead of a dryer and the lack of energy used to wash and dry clothes is pretty staggering. There are plenty of variables involved, however, but in any case, the energy savings are likely to be substantial if the Drumi is put to work regularly.

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