How Much is High-Value Home Insurance in Connecticut?

See how we're different

How Much is High-Value Home Insurance in Connecticut?

See how we're different

High-value home insurance policies are carefully designed for clients and are intended for exclusive, high-value homes. A standard home insurance policy isn’t enough to cover homes of high net worth and the contents within, such as jewelry, art, antiques, etc. For this, homeowners need a high-value home insurance policy covering their unique needs and concerns.

A property with a value above $750,000 is typically categorized as a high-value home in the US. However, some policies only cover homes valued at $1 million or above. This article will discuss everything you need to know about high-value home insurance covering high-end homes and the arts and valuables within.

What Is High-Value Home Insurance?


We all have an image of a luxury home in our head, but they are not all the same. This concept encompasses many types of housing. The common characteristic of all of them is usually the high price, but in the form, they can be from palatial castles to modern domotic homes—houses by the sea or in a private urbanization. The important thing is that home insurance for your luxury home considers all your circumstances and gives you the protection you need.


The Importance of High Value Home Insurance Policy

Investing in a luxurious condo, an architect’s house, or a thriving estate in the countryside, is undoubtedly a significant purchase that you have to think about protecting effectively.

Such an investment can be the most important that one can make in life, and protecting it is a must to preserve its intact heritage. The best thing to do is take out high value home insurance to cover your luxury home.

It is an ideal cover for its assets, especially in a claim. Here are some tips and advice to effectively protect your property and enjoy peace of mind.


Insurance of Your High-Value Home

Having a well-stocked cellar, a collection of works of art or valuable objects, etc., is very rewarding, but you have to insure them at the same time as your luxury residence. Even if the latter has priority, to remedy all incidents and protect your possessions and your home, you should choose a comprehensive insurance policy with the right amount. Seeking expert help can be very helpful as they can carefully assess the right amount of insurance needed to cover their high-value home.

Usually, insurers specializing in high-value residences inspect order to establish an exact estimate of the cost of reconstruction. It is the guarantee to be insured in the event of a total loss of the home. It is hardly surprising that the amount of insurance for this type of real estate is high. Certainly, it is, but it is fully justified given that it is not a simple municipal assessment but an actual estimate of the cost of reconstruction.


A Top-of-the-Range Tailor-Made Cover

The owner of a luxury home must take all precautions to protect it. And to start, they must contact an independent insurance broker who can help them in this process. Such an expert plays the role of facilitator on behalf of their client. They understand their needs and requirements and offer them the insurance that meets their expectations. It takes care of the whole operation from the warehousing to the claims procedures, which greatly saves time, money, and effort.

The procedure to follow concerning high value home insurance is very different. Some people can opt for an average house and dispose of high-value goods there, while others combine the two. Indeed some people can have a great value house but with very modest furniture and objects. This is why the insurer must offer personalized guarantees to meet their client’s exact and real needs.

And this is where an insurance broker comes in who must understand the expectations of their sponsor and their real situation to find the offer that exactly meets their requirements. It can determine whether a specialist in prestige residence insurance is needed or just simple standard insurance will do. They must support their client in the various steps and advise them to make an informed decision to protect their property and patrimony.

Below are the elements to take into account:

  • Have Umbrella insurance to have the right amount of liability insurance;
  • Provide guarantees to cover all the goods making up the home;
  • Complete its insurance with the replacement value, allowing the replacement of the content but without the obligation to rebuild everything in the event of a disaster
  • Provide enough protection to cover water damage and other similar incidents;
  • Have sufficient insurance to cover the wine cellar, jewelry, works of art and valuable possessions.

Acquiring a prestigious residence constitutes the consecration of many years of hard work. Therefore, high-value home insurance is an investment that deserves to be adequately protected in anticipation of any incident or disaster that may arise at any time.

The first step in this direction is finding the right insurer, which may not be that easy. Your best bet is to contact an independent insurance broker who can help the client with sound advice and find the best deals on high value home insurance. It is essential to afford adequate protection at very competitive rates.


Home Insurance Coverages Options for High-Value Homes

Home policies for luxury homes have many coverages in common with standard policies. Now, the normal thing is that they add other assumptions that home insurance does not include. These specific coverages are intended to protect high-value objects (such as works of art), high-value building materials, special protection for the garden, etc.

Although there are companies specialized in high-value homes, the truth is that you can also choose to take out insurance with one of the traditional companies that operate in the home industry. The key is that they include guarantees that adapt to the requirements of your luxury home. For example, they protect the money in the safe and the vehicles in the garage and the valuables because it is very common for a luxury home to be accompanied by a particularly valuable car. Or that due to their economic status, they can afford to have an art collection.

Some companies can include all the previously mentioned coverages in their home insurance. In the case of Works of Art and special objects, they can be declared as part of the content, provided that their unit value is greater than a certain worth that can differ from company to company. And it takes into account from drawings and sculptures to carpets and tapestries, passing through antiques.

Sometimes, the high value home insurance policy does not cover everything and offers coverage for such items, such as broken windows and flower boxes, as optional. In addition, they may also provide a Garden Reconstruction guarantee as optional that covers the garden in the event of damage from fire, explosion, lightning, wind or vandalism. Your insurance company may assume both the costs of replacing trees, plants and grass for others of the same species as well as those of cleaning and removing debris.

The garden is another element of this type of house that many insurance companies consider when you set up your home insurance. They include the reconstruction of the garden as a standard guarantee if it is damaged by fire, explosion and lightning. Other notable guarantees can be the aesthetic recomposition and its coverage of theft, robbery or theft inside the home and in a storage room or garage and the inclusion of jewelry, watches, and other valuables within this protection.

Some premium modalities are the most complete and even include pest control (very useful in single-family homes), with the extra advantage of covering damage to irrigation systems, in addition to paying for the reconstruction of gardens.

Some regular home insurance companies also represent an advantage for users looking for a policy that is as comprehensive as possible. Where appropriate, they allow you to add vehicles in the garage to your coverage in their Home Plus Optimum and Home Plus Elite modes, as well as damage to the garden. In the latter, in addition, accidental damages are included, with which you will obtain greater protection for your goods and objects. Complement these extra guarantees with exclusive services, such as DIY at home, repair of white line appliances and specialized telephone service for legal, IT or medical queries.


Aspects that Influence the Price of High Value Home Insurance Policy


Talking about the insurance price for high-value homes, the key when hiring is to correctly calculate the house’s value so as not to fall into underinsurance or over insurance. Because if you do not calculate the replacement value well (especially for goods of special value), you may find yourself paying more than you owe (over-insurance) or less (underinsurance). In the latter case, in addition, if there is a claim, you will have to pay a part of the costs, which can be a very high amount.

But many factors influence the price of this insurance, leaving aside that calculation. Let’s analyze the most relevant:

Location of the house: the location of the house is essential to calculate the risk. Depending on where the home is located, there will be risks, such as theft, which may increase. In this sense, it is not the same to ensure an isolated luxury villa in the mountains like the one that is part of exclusive private urbanization.

Characteristics of the house: As mentioned above, a luxury home can take different forms-a mansion or castle. The price of your insurance will take into account the type of construction you are insuring and, therefore, what risks you are exposed to. Elements such as a swimming pool (very common in luxury homes) would also consider here when assessing risks such as Personal Accidents and Civil Liability.

Year of construction: Age is important as the older the house, the more likely it is to break down. At least this presupposes the insurance company, which tends to make the older ones more expensive than those of new construction. Let’s go back to the example of a mansion: they may be more than a hundred years old.


Materials: The higher the quality of the materials, the more expensive the policy will be since their repair entails higher costs. If we talk about luxury homes that use top-quality materials (such as marble, wooden floors, etc.), it is logical that insurance is more expensive for them.

Use of the home: Although it is obvious, it must be indicated here. That the house is a habitual residence, it is going to be rented, or it is going to be destined to put a business, etc., are all essential factors when setting the insurance price.

Contents insured: All property inside the home is included when insuring the contents. Going back to luxury homes, this would consist of valuables, jewelry, art, etc. The premium calculation will have a lot to do with the type of property insured.

In the case of some users, items that can be very expensive can include furniture, clothing, technology products, etc. For example, in the case of clothing, if we talk about haute couture, that costs thousands of dollars. In this case, it is convenient to have in your home insurance a Travel Assistance that covers the loss of luggage or guarantees that protect goods like these outside the home.

Finally, you must specify it when hiring a policy if you have objects of special value, such as paintings, sculptures, works of art in general and the like. Otherwise, you will not receive any compensation in the event of a claim. Keep in mind that, although they may be part of the content (such as jewelry and cash), each company will establish its own limits and conditions. These could even affect the safe, setting requirements on its location and its weight to protect what you keep in it.

Thus, if your home is far from standard home and you need a complete insurance policy customized to its specific needs and concerns and the valuables within, you must consider all of the above points. Before opting for a particular insurance company, consider all the options, compare prices and coverage of at least ten insurers. This way, you can get complete coverage, saving you a lot of money for your high-value home insurance!

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