How to File a Business Insurance Claim in 12 Easy Steps

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How to File a Business Insurance Claim in 12 Easy Steps

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Your business has been running smoothly for the past few years, until suddenly you run into an accident and need to file a business insurance claim. Do you know how to file one?

How will you respond? Do you know how to avoid claim filing mistakes? Managing business insurance claims involves 12 steps, which we’ll outline in the following article.

If you work with an independent agent in the Pawson Insurance, you can simply start by calling your agent, who will help you through the entire claims process.

Business Insurance Coverage


This insurance coverage protects your business from different types of losses that occur during the course of business. From property damage insurance to, employee-related risks and legal liability, each insurance type offers different coverage. In order to identify what business insurance coverage you need, first you need to evaluate your business’s potential risks. Depending on what products you manufacture or the type of service you run and provide, the insurance coverage can also be customized to suit your needs.

Let’s briefly look at the different types of business insurance coverage before moving on to the steps of filing a claim:


General Liability Insurance


Whether you operate a business from home or have a physical office, you need to have this liability insurance. It protects you, your business, your employees and workers and services or products from damages and defense in case anyone involved with the business and the business itself has caused property damage or bodily injury to a 3rd party.


Product Liability Insurance


Same as the general liability insurance, this business insurance coverage protects the company from lawsuits.


Property Insurance


This insurance policy covers the company building, office equipment, inventory, computers, and tools. It protects you from vandalism, fire, smoke damage, theft, etc.


Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)


This insurance is a complete package that includes a number of business insurance policies such as vehicle coverage, property insurance, business interruption insurance, crime insurance, and liability insurance.


Commercial Auto Insurance


This insurance policy insures all work cars, the products carried in it, and the workers. In case the worker drives his car for running company errands, then you should look into non-owned auto liability.


Worker’s Compensation


This is the most common type of insurance policy that employees demand. It provides compensation to the employees in case they are injured while doing their job.


Professional Liability Insurance


This insurance policy protects against damages and defends failure, when professional services haven’t been offered properly. Professional liability insurance is different than general liability insurance and it provides coverage for lawyers, consultants, accountants, real estate agents, etc.


Officers and Directors Insurance


This insurance protects the officers and directors of the company against actions that impact the company’s profitability.


Data Breach


When sensitive data about the business is breached electronically, then this insurance policy protects against this information loss.


Information Regarding a Business Insurance Claim


Businesses always need to have a contingency plan in place so that in the event of any liability, an insurance claim can be filed. This is why it is important to know what coverage is offered under what policy. Next, the business should know who to contact and finally, a copy of the insurance coverage should be stored someplace safe so that it doesn’t get stolen or damaged by water.


Steps for Filing a Business Insurance Claim


Now that you are familiar with all the insurance policies, let’s look at the 12 steps that you need to follow to file a business insurance claim:


  • Once you have been notified of the peril, contact your insurance agency immediately
  • Depending on the extent of the damage or how big the theft was, call the police or the fire department
  • Take out your insurance policy to review what is covered under it relating to the occurred event
  • Talk with the insurance agent at length and note down everything whatever information is passed on. Make sure to take clear notes so that you know what you have to do when faced with making a decision
  • Make a list of the inventory that was stolen, damaged or lost
  • Attach the entire business record in relation to the inventory and do make sure to include the income loss documentation, so that when the insurance company sends someone from their side to inspect the damage or theft, you have everything on hand
  • Take photos or videos of everything that was damaged
  • Sign a “proof of loss” sworn statement and file it with the initial business insurance claim within 60 days
  • Once the insurance claim has been filed, start recording all expenses that you incur during relocation of the business and recovering what was lost
  • Tackle small property repairs first and hold off on big repairs until you get the compensation from the insurance agency
  • When tackling complex repairs, get multiple estimates from companies and do a full background check on them to make sure that they can handle the work
  • Finally, when you have received the compensation, keep all the documents, starting from the filing of the claim to payment received, in a safe place


In case the insurance company does not accept your filed claim, a civil authority coverage will help you make your case. This usually happens when government itself denies the coverage.

While the steps to filing a business insurance claim is pretty easy, it is the upkeep of the documentation that presents a challenge. Once you have recorded even the smallest of damage, you will have proof to make your case.

If you are looking for a qualified insurance agent, who holds years of experience in this field, then visit Pawson. The company provides different types of business insurance coverage. To know more about their policies, contact them at 203-481-8898.

We find you the best and most affordable insurance. See how we're different.

We find you the best and most affordable insurance. See how we're different.

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