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See how much you can save

About Central Insurance

The Central Insurance group of companies was founded in 1876 under the name Central Mutual Insurance Company. Owing to its commitment to excellence, the company has evolved into a reputable property and casualty group. Ever since it was established, it has been operating on some strong foundational values. These include integrity, relationships, and excellence. With combined assets valued at over $1 billion, the company received an “A” Excellent rating on A.M. Best. 

Central Insurance is headquartered in Van Wert, Ohio, while the regional offices are located in Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, and Ohio. The organization recognizes the importance of personalized service, seeking to offer outstanding customer service to policyholders through carefully selected independent agents in these regions. It has been working with expert independent agents to offer the best coverage at reasonable prices.

The firm covers around 350,000 insurance coverage policies for customers in 24 US states. Through its innovative products and services, Central Insurance has been fulfilling client promises for over 140 years.  

Payment Information

PHONE 419-238-1010
ADDRESS 800 S. Washington Street
Van Wert, Ohio 45891
ONLINE https://www.central-insurance.com/docs/contact.htm

What Does Central Insurance Carry?

Central Insurance carries a broad spectrum of property, business, and auto coverage services. Insurance is nothing more than a surety to cover the losses that occur to one’s assets. Central Insurance is committed to fulfilling this promise from the moment you purchase a policy. Here are the lists of insurance coverage offered by Central Insurance for each category:

Property Insurance Coverage

  • Homeowners Coverage
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Personal Cyber
  • Renters Insurance
  • Utility Line (Includes water piping, drain piping, natural gas piping, steam piping, sewer lines, underground electrical wiring or power lines, ground loop piping connecting to a heat pump, and data transmission or communications wiring.)
  • Boat Docks
  • Home Business Plus
  • Condo Owners
  • Personal Flood
  • Renters Dwelling Insurance
  • Identity Fraud Protection
  • Personal Umbrella

Business Insurance Coverage

  • Business
  • Commercial Property
  • Professional Liability
  • Commercial Auto
  • Cyber Suite
  • Crime
  • General Liability
  • Pollution Liability
  • Inland Marine
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Loss Control 
  • Employment Practices Liability

Auto Insurance Coverage

  • Personal Auto
  • Boat Owners
  • Additional Auto Coverage
  • Insurance cards
  • Roadside Assistance
What Discounts Does Central Insurance Offer?

While Central Insurance offers a variety of discounts and credits to auto insurance policyholders and to those holding Homeowners Policy, no credits or discounts are listed for other types of coverage. 


Package Credit

If you purchase both your homeowners and automobile coverage from Central Insurance, you’re entitled to an additional credit called Package Credit.

Insurance Score

Both homeowners and auto policyholders with excellent insurance scores are awarded discounts. Your consumer credit information determines these scores. 


Whether you hold a homeowners or an auto insurance policy, you receive an annual $5 credit for every policy for enrolling in Central Insurance’s E-billing and E-policy options.

On-time Payments

If you’ve received no cancellation notices for non-payment, you receive a credit on your renewal policies. This applies to both homeowners and auto insurance policies.


You also obtain a credit on both auto insurance and homeowners policies for choosing a higher deductible on your policy.

Full Payment

For homeowners policyholders, this is a discount available to those who make full payment on their annual policy premium. But keep in mind that it doesn’t apply to mortgagee-billed policies. For auto policyholders who pay their annual auto premium in full, this means a 5% discount.

Elite Discount

Homeowners policyholders receive another discount for carrying higher coverage A limits, have a newer home, a decent credit score, a higher deductible, and are free from losses. For holders of the new Central auto policy, this discount is available if they carry higher liability limits and have no collisions, maintain minimal traffic violations and a high insurance score. 

Customer Loyalty

If you are a Central auto policyholder, you are awarded a premium credit following your first two consecutive years. It can go up to 10% after ten consecutive years with the policy.

Homeowners policyholders earn a 2% credit if they spend 2 consecutive years with Central Insurance. The credit percentage keeps increasing by 1% until it reaches 10% after 10 consecutive years. Subsequently, the 10% credit will stay with your policy unless you cancel the policy with Central Insurance. 


Besides these discounts and credits, there are others that are specific to either the homeowners policy or the auto insurance policy at Central Insurance.

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    Reviews of Central Insurance

    Given the A.M Best rating of “A” Excellent, you probably have an idea that Central Insurance is a big name in the insurance industry. Yet, you should definitely consider some reviews from past policyholders to find out more.

    A Central homeowner policyholder states that they approached a different insurance company known as Allstate the first time. The company required the homeowner to fix certain issues before they can sign up for the policy. Unfortunately, Allstate canceled their policy before the homeowner could complete the repairs. The owner and his wife consulted with other people who recommended them Central Insurance. As soon as they got in touch with Central Insurance, things begin to clarify to them. 

    On the first phone call, the homeowner was briefed on the procedure to get the homeowners coverage, following which, he knew exactly what was needed. Right from the day of confirmation, the policyholder receives monthly emails from their respective agent with all the information relevant to his policy and any changes that have been introduced. The policyholder also states that the company actively responds to all his queries. Their rates are almost 50% of those charged by Allstate. 

    He was particularly pleased when the company immediately provided a refund check for an overpayment made on his part. Also, the company adjusted the monthly rate to lower the payments following the overpayment. Experiencing this excellent customer service, the homeowner recommends Central Insurance to everyone.  

    Another person who’s been a policyholder at Central Insurance for several years states that the company offers an easy process. The wide range of discounts and credits for homeowners and auto policies help keep the prices competitive. Besides excellent communication and customer service, the company deploys a sophisticated technological infrastructure that includes an efficient customer portal, a highly convenient mobile app, and E-policy. This particularly impressed the policyholder, who didn’t prefer to receive paperback bills or send manual checks. However, the policyholder does point out that since the company only sells insurance through agents, he has to visit the agents, which is inconvenient. Also, the policyholder never actually filed a claim with the company so he didn’t comment on how the company performs on that process. 

    2 other users, however, tell an entirely different story. A policyholder at Central Insurance explains that his in-ground spa was damaged by a water pipe leakage. Upon his claim, the agent came to examine the damage. After having a look at it, the agent told the policyholder that it will be covered, asking to provide an estimate of the repairs. 

    While the policyholder was told that he would receive a check, he never heard back from the company again. When he called the insurer himself, he was told that his claim was denied since it was subject to an exclusion stated in the policy terms. However, the policyholder couldn’t find any such exclusion in the policy he received from the company earlier on.

    The other policyholder also shares a poor experience, explaining the Central Insurance did everything to fight and deny his claims when his property was significantly damaged in a major wind storm. The policyholder suggests that you look for other insurance carriers, particularly if you need homeowners insurance coverage.