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About Foremost Insurance

Founded in 1952, Foremost Insurance is a national insurer that operates across in all 50 states of the US. It is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It has grown steadily with time, and it offers a wider range of services.

Although the company provides all types of insurance services, its claim-to-fame is its coverage of multiple landlord properties and mobile vacant homes.

Foremost Insurance is the pioneer in this aspect—it was the first company to write a mobile home insurance policy. The insurance provider is popular due to its label as specialized insurance carriers.

Farmers Insurance Group acquired Foremost Insurance in 2000. Farmers belongs to Zurich Insurance Group.

Claims Information

PHONE 800-527-3907


Payment Information

PHONE 800-532-4221
ADDRESS P.O. Box 0915
Carol Stream, IL 60132-0915

What Types of Services Does Foremost Insurance Provide?

Here is a list of services provided by Foremost Insurance. 

1. Home Insurance

Foremost’s homeowner insurance is a reputed policy. It pays for specific perils written in the policy and compensates in the form of the cash value of the residential property. 

2. Auto Insurance

Bristol West Insurance writes the auto insurance policies for Foremost Insurance. JC Taylor, an affiliated company, provides collectible car insurance. 

3. Motorcycle Insurance

Foremost insures different bikes and motorcycles that don’t fall under the coverage of Farmer’s policy. They cover liability basics, collision, and motorcycle-specific policies. 

4. Specialty Vehicle Insurance

Foremost writes policies for specialty vehicles, such as off-road vehicles, golf carts, scooters, snowmobiles, ATVs, luxury motor coaches, speedboats, jet skis, and neighborhood electric vehicles. 

Reasons to Choose Foremost Insurance

You should purchase insurance from the Foremost Insurance due to the following reasons:


Offer relief for nonstandard homeowners

Usually, insurers benefit those homeowners and drivers who are already at an advantage. These people have well-built homes and a strong credit. 

On the other hand, Foremost Insurance stands out from the rest by offering much needed respite to a specific segment—the nonstandard homeowners. This means that if you can relate to any of these situations, then Foremost will not hold it against you. 

  • You are an aged person.
  • You own a lower-value home.
  • Your home is ravaged due to cosmetic damage
  • You maintain a poor credit.
  • You have an unimpressive claim history
  • You lost out against other insurers in the past. 


Save you from worrying about burgeoning home repairs

Dwelling coverage is perhaps the most crucial coverage for homeowners. At times, the expenses of home repair expand higher than initial estimations. To support its customers in these testing times, Foremost Insurance provides an additional 25% dwelling coverage. 


They provide flood insurance

When a raging storm strikes, even the most secure homes are struck hard. Whether damage is caused by coastal storm surges, melting snow, prolonged rain, or blocked storm drainage, Foremost Insurance ensures that you can come out of the crisis relatively unharmed, financially. Other than your home, it also covers your valuable personal belongings from water. 


Provide Financial Solidity

Farmers Insurance Group backs Foremost Insurance. Since the former is quite famous in the insurance circles, Foremost is considered credible and financially strong. In addition, S&P has rewarded it with a top-tier financial stability. 


Offer Discounts

Foremost provides various discounts. Some of them are the following. You can secure discount rates if: 

  • Your payment is processed via electronic funds transfer. 
  • You have no infractions and accidents in the last three years.
  • The insured driver is currently attending a faraway school.
  • You provide your email address to Foremost Insurance.
  • You use a lump-sum payment to complete your premium payment. 
  • You leave another insurer in favor of Foremost.
  • Your insured drivers are under 19. 
  • You have multiple vehicles insured on the policy.
  • You carry more than one policy from Foremost Insurance.

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    Reviews of Foremost Insurance

    Although Foremost Insurance receives mixed online reviews, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited it. It has a rating of A-, which is considered to be quite impressive. Additionally, it is part of the Farmers Insurance Group, which has an A+ rating from BBB. 

    On Wallet Hub, Foremost Insurance has a 2.1 rating out of 5.0. Customers have specially praised them for their affordability and customer support. 

    On, Foremost Insurance scored a good rating with 4.0 out of 5.0 

    On Clearsurance, Foremost Insurance maintains a 3.70 rating out of 5.0, which is quite impressive when compared with other insurance providers. Almost 50% of users have termed their services as “excellent”. In most cases, customers were happy with the following factors.

    • Good explanation of coverage.
    • Range of coverage options.
    • Transparent pricing.
    • Flexible billing options.

    On The Zebra, Foremost Insurance secured a 3.5 rating out of 5.