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See how much you can save

Condo Insurance in Connecticut

  • Buying the right condo in Connecticut can be complicated, buying condo insurance shouldn’t. Our local agents are here to give you the best advice and guidance to help you better protect what’s inside your condo. Connecticut Condo Insurance properties do not need as much insurance as a house, but owners have more to insure than a renter.
  • Special policies for condominium owners, known as form HO-6, will provide the liability and personal property protection a condominium owner needs.
  • We offer various insurance companies to choose from and we will work for you to obtain the best possible pricing and we will make coverage suggestions to best protect your property and liability.

What does Condo Insurance cover?

Condo insurance is entirely different from homeowners insurance and only covers the interior of your condominium. Complete coverage varies, but typically only protects the following:

  1. Personal property
  2. Interior walls and appliances
  3. Liability claims from persons injured in your condo

The liability coverage on condo insurance will cover you if a person is injured in your home, or their property is damaged, and they decide to sue. Insurance will cover their medical bills and legal fees if you are found liable.

Condo Insurance Reviews

Pawson Agency went far beyond what other agencies have done to provide legal, ethical and professional services by assisting with matters my prior agency was incapable of providing. They cut my premiums in half, while providing the same coverage.

I called Pawson Insurance to question the cost of our Umbrella Policy and within 2 days they returned my call with the best news we've gotten in quite some time By changing our currant insurance company with another they saved us almost $2000.00 per year and better coverage! By the time I hung up the phone and took the 1 mile drive to the office they were waiting for me with all the new paperwork to sign... Great friendly and informative staff that can and will fulfill all of your insurance needs. Only one word comes to mind "OUTSTANDING!!!"

Whenever I switch vehicles, Nancy M. is always there for me. She finds the best policy to suit my particular needs and while she's at it, finds me the best deals on home insurance as well. I couldn't ask for a better insurance broker - she's so patient with answering/addressing my "gazillion" questions/concerns it's truly amazing. I highly recommend the Pawson Group to anyone who needs a good broker for home, auto, personal property, etc. If I had three thumbs, I'd put 'em up.

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