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Best Garage Keeper Insurance in Connecticut

You must be wondering why you need ‘Garage Insurance’ in Connecticut? If you own an auto-repair shop, your entire business depends on how well-maintained, well-equipped, and clean your garage is. Just like with any property, even your garage needs to be insured to protect it from property damage, injuries, and human mistakes.

Considering that the Automotive Repair and Maintenance industry is soon to achieve revenues worth $810 billion by 2026, getting your garage business insured is extremely important. With garage insurance, your business is vulnerable to a number of risks and liabilities. Even the smallest mistake can tarnish your company’s reputation and waste hard-earned money as pay-outs for expensive lawsuits.

What Does Garage Insurance Cover?

Garage insurance doesn’t just cover property damages. It also protects your business from incidents of injuries, collisions, damage to equipment, and human errors that could otherwise land you in deep trouble. As you work with a Pawson agent, you will understand how crucial garage insurance is.

Here’s a quick brief on what Garage Insurance in Connecticut covers.

  • Property damage incurred by any equipment owned by the garage business
  • Any third-party injuries
  • Products sold or manufactured by a garage business that has incurred damage to a customer’s auto-vehicle
  • Incidents of employee dishonesty and discrimination at the premise


Basic Garage Liability Insurance

A basic garage liability insurance policy will cover any incidents of slips and falls at the premise. For example, if a customer slips due to an oil spill at the premise and sustains an injury, basic coverage will take care of the resulting medical care or fines.

Basic coverage can also protect your business from employee dishonesty. Most garage businesses seek insurance that also deals with instances of a shop employee vandalizing or stealing a customer’s car. In cases like this, your garage liability insurance will protect you from hefty lawsuits.


Additional Coverage

As mentioned above, a thorough garage liability insurance policy also covers the products created or manufactured by the shop. If a customer’s vehicle ends up being damaged due to faulty parts, the additional coverage will save you from expensive payouts.

If your employees are driving company vehicles off the premises, you need additional coverage in case of an accident or minor vehicle damage. Additional coverage will also protect you in case a customer’s vehicle is caught in a fire incident or theft or damaged due to extreme weather. Basic coverage doesn’t always cover incidents of vandalism or collision, which is why you need to seek additional coverage.

What Does Garage Insurance Cover?

Pawson Agency went far beyond what other agencies have done to provide legal, ethical and professional services by assisting with matters my prior agency was incapable of providing. They cut my premiums in half, while providing the same coverage.

I called Pawson Insurance to question the cost of our Umbrella Policy and within 2 days they returned my call with the best news we've gotten in quite some time By changing our currant insurance company with another they saved us almost $2000.00 per year and better coverage! By the time I hung up the phone and took the 1 mile drive to the office they were waiting for me with all the new paperwork to sign... Great friendly and informative staff that can and will fulfill all of your insurance needs. Only one word comes to mind "OUTSTANDING!!!"

Whenever I switch vehicles, Nancy M. is always there for me. She finds the best policy to suit my particular needs and while she's at it, finds me the best deals on home insurance as well. I couldn't ask for a better insurance broker - she's so patient with answering/addressing my "gazillion" questions/concerns it's truly amazing. I highly recommend the Pawson Group to anyone who needs a good broker for home, auto, personal property, etc. If I had three thumbs, I'd put 'em up.

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