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Best Restaurant Insurance in Connecticut

Owning a restaurant in Connecticut can be a rewarding experience. Sharing your passion for food with fellow locals, preparing delectable dishes, and seeing those smiles on your customers’ faces make the job worth it. 

However, restaurant ownership also comes with its fair share of troubles. Owners can be sued for the pettiest reasons. If someone gets hurt in a slip and fall accident on your premises, you could be held accountable for it. 

For this reason, having restaurant insurance and knowledge about various types of coverage is crucial. Once you get your restaurant up, work with a Pawson agent to go through all the liabilities and coverage protection your business needs. 

Here’s a breakdown of what restaurant insurance is and the various types of coverage it provides to protect your business from legal fines and lawsuits. 

What Does Restaurant Insurance Cover?

Having restaurant insurance means you have a legal policy that covers your property, supplies, employees, and customers at the premise. This also includes the food you’re serving to the public that should inherently be hygienic and fit to eat. But restaurant insurance covers a wide range of risks that you surely need legal protection for. Here’s a quick overview of business insurance we offer:


  • General Liability 


Pawson Insurance offers General Liability to restaurant owners. This mandatory and basic coverage protects your business against any lawsuits for property damage or personal injury. Instances of slip and fall accidents or unfortunate food poisoning would fall into this category. 


  • Workers’ Compensation 


Your chefs, waiters, receptionists, and other workers are carrying out the most important tasks that keep the food business going. As an owner, it’s your responsibility to seek workers’ compensation. If an employee ends up getting injured, bruised, or hurt in a work-related incident, this coverage will cover all financial costs for their recovery. 


  • Equipment Insurance 


Also known as ‘Boiler and Machinery’, this insurance covers all the electric appliances and equipment like boilers and AC units used at the restaurant. 


  • Property Insurance 


In case of a fire accident or any unfortunate event, if the physical building is damaged, property insurance will cover the costs. If you’re using deep fryers or wood ovens, then there are risks of fire accidents. In this case, you need property insurance to protect you from potential risks. 


  • Spoilage Insurance


In case of a power outage or a storm, if the food is spoiled or rots due to heat, spoilage insurance will cover the replacement costs. 


  • Business Income Liability 


Closing down the restaurant building in the case of an accident, natural disasters, or a fire incident may result in financial loss. Business income liability covers the costs for all such unforeseen events. 


  • Communicable Diseases 


Managing a restaurant comes with a lot of risks including improper hygiene. If an employee ends up transmitting an illness to a customer, you could be held accountable for it. For this reason, you need coverage for communicable diseases that covers all such illnesses. 

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Pawson Insurance is here to give you the best insurance package for your restaurant. We understand the stress and financial stress an expensive lawsuit can give you. This is a matter of your reputation and legal protection. Offering a wide range of coverage for your restaurant, get in touch with us today!

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