Several Connecticut laws have changed since the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2017. Let’s jump right into things and find out what to look out for!


1. Minimum Wage

Great news for minimum wage job workers! The state’s minimum wage is now $10.10 an hour, up from $9.60 an hour in 2016 and $9.15 in 2015. Some state lawmakers are pushing for the minimum wage to go up to $15 an hour in the coming years.


2. Health Care

State health insurance policies have begun to cover breast tomosynthesis, a type of three-dimensional mammogram at the option of the woman receiving the treatment. Before, baseline mammogram covered for women ages 35 through 39 and annual mammogram for women 40 or older, according to the summary of the act. Now insurance must cover the mammogram at a woman’s request. Other 

In other health care laws, advanced practice registered nurses are now allowed to prescribe medical marijuana to patients for a variety of conditions, besides glaucoma. 


3. Ban the Box

Employers are no longer allowed to ask prospective employees about prior arrests, criminal charges or convictions on an initial employment application unless required to do so under state or federal law or if the employer must obtain a security or fidelity bond.


4. Home Improvement

A new law now requires certain residential restoration service providers to register as home improvement contractors. This expands the scope of the home improvement registration law by requiring anyone performing water, fire, or storm restoration or mold remediation to register with the Department of Consumer Protection as a contractor. The act requires any contract for repair, remediation or mitigation work relating to a claim under a personal or commercial risk insurance policy to comply with the home improvement law’s required contract content requirements. 

The act also requires contractors conducting home improvement repair work related to a loss covered under these insurance policies to provide the insured with a written notice of the work to be completed and the estimated total price.




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