With record-breaking numbers of Cyber Monday sales this year, many are expecting packages to arrive at their homes any day. However, these deliveries can give thieves the opportunity to steal packages right from doorsteps. Let’s have a look at some ways to prevent your package from being stolen.


1. Smart Package Lockers and Convenience Store

Amazon now allows you to pick up your delivery in an Amazon Locker with a unique code, which you can punch into the machine to retrieve your package in selected locations across the country.


When putting down a shipping address during the checkout process, you can find out whether the Amazon locker is available in your region or not.

If so, the Amazon locker will be the safest and convenient place to secure your Amazon package.

If your community doesn’t have an Amazon Locker, and you are a frequent online shopper, use The UPS Store, check the availability of lockers in nearby convenience stores, Kiosks or buy your own digital locker.

If you are financially strained for the moment, sharing locker with your neighbors or friends will help slash the cost and boost up your package safety.

2. Send Packages to Your Workplace

Having your package delivered to your office will reduce the risk of package theft or package loss significantly (given that your company allows that and there are coworkers available in the office to retrieve your package).

3. Install a Smart Security Camera at Your Front Door

Having a smart video surveillance camera pointing at the front door, hallway, or driveway is better than no camera at all.

Approximately 34% of burglars break into the house from the front door, a relatively high proportion compared with other spots.

A security camera will serve as a deterrent for criminals and once the thieves are arrested, they will be charged with theft, property crime or other offenses.

If a porch poacher steals an USPS package, he or she is subject to serious criminal consequences including federal prison time and fines.



4. Require A Signature on Delivery

Many customers grumble about delivery man signing the unauthorized packages and leaving them wide open on the porch or doorstep, making them desirable for package snatchers.

The solution to the problem is asking for signature delivery. If your package is delivered by UPS, consult your sender and require delivery confirmation signature.

Signature-required delivery should be strictly followed by couriers. If your package was left unattended, or even worse, lost, because they didn’t follow the protocol, delivery companies are liable to legal actions and you are entitled to a full refund or replacement if you didn’t get a proof of delivery when you demand delivery by signature.

5. Reroute or Reschedule Delivery

If you are not sure whether or not you are home from holiday to receive your package when the delivery truck pulls up in your front door. You can track shipment information either on package tracking app or order information in advance.


Both UPS and FedEx offer web apps to help reroute parcel to another address and reschedule your package delivery at your convenience for a fee, for example, FedEx’s Delivery Manager, and UPS My Choice premium membership for $40 a year.

If you are using another delivery service, online shipment tracking information will be available. Notifying the driver in advance online when your package is due is reassuring.

6. Require Vacation Package Hold

Finally going away for holiday, you can place a hold on your package to keep your parcel safe.

Many delivery companies such as USPS and FedEx offer a free service to uphold your package at their terminals or delivery centers for a period of time.

Require Package Holiday Hold via Apps

To check FedEx delivery options for free online and free USPS mail holding service here to apply for a package holiday hold online without worrying about lost package or package being stolen off doorstep.

While UPS will charge $5 for every package rescheduled or delivered to a UPS retail location on UPS My Choice.

7. Get a Package Guard for Your Delivery

An entrepreneur from the USA has a simple solution to porch Christmas package missing—Package Guard, which is a Wi-Fi-enabled Frisbee-size device that requires the package to put on them on the porch, alerting a customer when a package has been delivered to their house.

Package Guard for Avoiding Package Thieves

And, more importantly, it triggers a loud alarm if anyone unauthorized tries to take the package away, which is similar to the mechanism in a smart security camera.

With this newly-design gadget combined with your home security system, your package will be safer when it lies on the front door.

You might also have other misgivings about the product, to get more answer visit FQA.

8. Insure Your Upcoming Packages

Buy a Package Insurance for Your Delivery

I bet you don’t want to go through all the troubles to get your missing package back after the amazing holiday.

So insuring your precious holiday parcel, for example, Halloween costume, Thanksgiving gifts or Christmas packages in the first place will guarantee you reimbursement if unfortunately your delivery was stolen or lost before you lay your hand on it.

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