Understanding Private Travel Insurance in Connecticut

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Understanding Private Travel Insurance in Connecticut

See how we're different

The reservation process is coming to an end, but there is still a question: travel insurance. The holidays are chosen: period, destination, activities on site, and means of transport. To leave, and above all to return in peace, private travel insurance is all you need. Here’s everything you need to know about private travel insurance!

What is Private Travel Insurance?

Whether you are an individual, an independent professional or a company employee, private travel insurance covers the costs and losses of traveling domestically or abroad. It is a solution to protect your trips, an “all-in-one” insurance to deal with all situations, such as loss of luggage, personal accident, civil liability, flight delay, legal protection, cost of interruption of stay, impossible return, etc.

The guarantees offered by travel insurance are more or less extensive, depending on the formulas. Everything can be easily insured: illnesses, accidents, repatriation, and beyond the scope of social protection, flight cancellation and loss of luggage.

The increased volatility in every aspect of our personal and professional lives has increased the awareness and the need for travel insurance. A recent survey showed that a significant number of Americans who traveled without insurance in 2021 had to face the cost of losses and incidents they witnessed, as a result of which the majority of the people are now more likely to spend on travel insurance for domestic and abroad trips following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anything can happen: an accident, lost luggage, getting sick, or even being repatriated while traveling! Private travel insurance guarantees are intended to protect the traveler from the time of their departure and throughout their trip. It provides coverage tailored to the length of stay and the destination and protects the traveler if needed. Above all, it allows you to enjoy your vacation in peace.

Thus, to avoid the costs associated with unplanned and unforeseen events, you must travel with solid travel insurance coverage and take the time to study the various insurance policies guaranteeing your privacy when traveling. Let’s discuss what private travel insurance covers, its types and the guarantees it can offer!


Is Travel Insurance Compulsory?

The purchase of travel insurance is compulsory. However, it allows you to live in peace and to benefit from cover in the event of a claim. Indeed, the slightest issue can penalize your budget by exposing you to significant and unforeseen expenses. In addition, following the Covid-19 health crisis, more and more countries require travel insurance as a customs formality.

Private travel insurance is worth the investment. Though you pay 5 to 10% of your trip cost, it can help compensate you for thousands of dollars spent on unforeseen events during traveling such as medical bills, last-moment trip cancellation, loss of luggage, etc.

Travel accidents are surprisingly common and can happen to anyone. According to FlightStats, more than 200 flights witness significant tarmac delays, and more than 300,000 are canceled. And, these figures exclude the thousands of medical emergencies, trip cancellations and interruptions and evacuations occurring to travelers every year. Therefore, the U.S. State Department also recommends trip insurance for travelers.


What can Private Travel Insurance Do?


Trip Cancellation Coverage

Broken leg, an invitation to a resit exam, death of a close family member or even redundancy, etc., all these unforeseen events can lead you to cancel your trip at the last minute. And, without travel insurance, you will have to pay for part or all of your stay for canceling your trip. To avoid this and deal with this kind of situation, you can take out cancellation insurance before your departure.

In general, cancellation insurance reimburses the costs incurred for your trip, less the amount already reimbursed by the trip organizer (airline, travel booking site, travel agency, etc.) and sometimes a deductible.

Private travel insurance includes cancellation insurance, which is a small percentage of the cost of your trip. Don’t hesitate to opt for it, especially if the price of your trip is high.


Coverage for Lost or Stolen Luggage

Some unexpected events may also take place during your trip. Fortunately, this does not happen every day, but, for example, the airline company can lose your luggage at the airport. So remember to cover your personal belongings so as not to have to regret them and have to buy them back at real costs.

According to the contracts, it is important to specify that all guarantees are not the same. Namely, the compensation in case of theft or loss of baggage may be capped by your insurance. Find out about the limit and check the coverage before purchasing your travel insurance.


Covers Medical and Doctor Bills During Travel

Even a mild sickness can ruin your trip, especially if the situation gets worse. This is also the case for small accidents that can take place. When self-medication is no longer enough, you have to consult a doctor and put your hand in the wallet to treat yourself properly. Between the consultation with the doctor and the passage to the pharmacy, the bill can quickly climb.

The potential costs of medical emergencies may be up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and not all medical plans will cover you when traveling abroad. This is where your travel insurance kicks in. It is always recommended to go for renowned insurance companies who have experience in dealing with overseas medical emergencies overseas.

A simple medical evacuation, even from a close destination that is accessible, can cost a person getting seriously ill thousands of dollars. Medical evacuation potential costs can also be well over a thousand dollars. In case of a more remote destination or evacuation of a cruise ship, the cost can be so high that it can break your retirement account. Travel insurance can save you in such a case.


Covers Trip Interruption

Trip interruption causing you to return home can cost you the remaining trip cost plus return airfare. According to the State Department, trip interruption or cancellation costs, including the emergency mentioned above, can add up, so you need travel insurance.

Others incidents that can cost you are flight delays, travel-supplier bankruptcy, flight delays, rental car issues, among others.



Private travel insurance can protect you from every possible cost encountered during your travel. All you need is to check your insurance guarantees and the coverage limit it offers. An insurance company can formulate your private travel insurance plan customized to your unique needs. You are advised to consult at least three different insurance companies and compare their terms and prices before deciding.

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