Tech Tuesday

Firstly, let us introduce you to Tech Tuesday! We will be delivering you the hottest tech products we have found on the internet, every Tuesday. We’ll update you with that best gadgets or apps that we promise will improve your standard of living whether increasing your productivity, improving your health, better securing your home and much more! We hope you enjoy our first feature.


myAlfred: An artificially intelligent butler that finds the time for the things you love

myAlfred is an AI-powered butler that fits right in your pocket and brings your life into balance again. Whether you want to have a drink with your friends, a dinner with your family or go for a quick run twice a week – myAlfred finds time for the people and things you love. If you want to plan an activity for this month, you don’t have to scan your calendar for the perfect date. You can simply select a vague time span without thinking about an exact date. Just like “this month sometimes in the evening”. myAlfred takes everyone’s schedule into account as well as other factors such as location of the user and finds the perfect date for everyone.

myAlfred is now available exclusively on the App store


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